Lada goes GT-R

Lada goes GT-R (Top Gear UK)


It’s turning into a good day for bizarre hybrids. We’ve already seen the Citrrari F355CV, and now here’s a creation all the way from Russia that we’ve dubbed the Ladaline Turbo.

It’s a cross between a Lada Riva and a Nissan Skyline — the car’s creator, a Mr Kartuzoff, calls it the Lada 2105 Gladkov Adrenaline, but we reckon the Ladaline is much catchier — and, in spite of ourselves, we rather like it.

OK, the scissor doors and orange wheels (and giant rear spoiler, and matte black paint) might be a bit much, but the 2.5-litre Skyline-derived twin-turbo engine wedged under that blocky little bonnet? Sheer genius.

420bhp of Skyline-derived twin-turbo engine, to be precise, courtesy of a pair of Garrett turbines. As far as we can tell, it’s a modified version of the R33 Skyline’s straight-six engine, but if anyone’s more proficient in Russian than we are, feel free to set us straight.

Top Gear eagerly awaits the identical-but-evil twin of the Ladaline Turbo: a GT-R powered by a 1.2-litre Lada engine. Anyone? No?

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